Friday, February 24, 2012

Flagstaff, AZ and on

Flagstaff was little more than a pitstop for us. We crashed at a hotel well after dark so we didn't even know what our surroundings looked like until the morning. We woke up to discover a beautiful snow capped peak out our window! You've probably done those silly questionaires that always ask "Mountains or Beach?" Well I answer "mountains" everytime. So after a quick breakfast, we hit the road for the Grand Canyon. I was so happy to see that we would be driving right through those mountains! I could not have had a better morning... Starbucks in my hand, snow and pine trees out my window, and a snow capped peak in the windshield... heavenly! Here are some pics from the drive. The Grand Canyon visit is up next!

PS There's a little B&B in this field and I read about it in some reviews too. They have great stargazing facilities!
I am dying to go here for a post-deployment honeymoon!!


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