Monday, February 27, 2012

You know Mom is sick when...

During my recent battle with the grim reaper (aka sinus infection) I found myself sinking to new lows in mothering and housekeeping. My husband was such a trooper about cleaning the mess when he came home from work but I know he was glad to have help again when I recovered. The kids and I sat in front of movies all day and I barely moved except to write blog posts about our vacation. (You know... priorities.) I started the following list for my entertainment. I'm better now but it was good for a laugh when I felt like my sinuses had been stuffed with the living room throw pillows. Sick mommies need to stick together and be real with each other ... just don't stick too close. I'm done with my germs and I don't want yours.

You know Momma is sick when...
  • Running out of milk, bread, or eggs is fine. It's not an emergency until you are out of NyQuil.
  • Oreos count as a serving of dairy. The filling is white. Milk is white. What's the problem?
  • Educational videos include Shaun The Sheep, Larry Boy, and Care Bears.
  • The five year old chooses outfits for the baby... and you actually use them.
  • Dinner plans are a choice between Domino's or leftovers or leftover Domino's.
  • Your most daring fashion choice is a pair of Christmas slipper socks... in February.
  • The unswept pile of crumbs under the high chair will have to be cleaned with a snow shovel.
  • Your kids decided to play explorer by climbing Mount Laundry.
  • The only one doing dishes is the dog. Do you think I could just put them back in the cupboard?
  • Baths are optional. Soap is really, really optional.
So that's my list. What's your contribution?



Jamie said...

This is funny :) I hope you feel better asap!

Pam said...

All funny and all true! Stopped by from SITS. Your newest follower!


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