Monday, April 15, 2013

Homeschooling, Moving, and Potty Training

So today I'm doing homeschool in the upstairs hall. Why? Because I'm potty training my smallest student. I'm sitting outside the bathroom door while Susie at least pretends to take care of business. I would give you a picture but Susie would never forgive me. I'm on a mission to be diaper free by the time we get to Texas. That doesn't sound right does it? Let me assure you that I personally am diaper free but I am not free from the diapers. It's probably wishful thinking but it won't hurt to try. So today home school is happening in the hall outside the bathroom so that we can all cheer for bowel movements as a family. Besides I don't have much to do for the move lately. No boxes to pack since the movers are doing it all this time. I'm just on hold. I feel like I've got one foot in NM and one in TX. If we can at least leave the diapers in NM then that would be wonderful!


Lisa said...

I think I understand how you feel. We're moving in 3 weeks and it feels so weird not to be doing any packing! This will be my very first PCS move and my very first time to have movers come. I just want to be in TX and skip the whole moving process.

Rachel@MyWholesomeHome said...

This post made me laugh-especially your description of who does and doesnt require diapers!

Please consider in-depth posting about the w/ movers PCS process. I've done 2 DITYs and they were so stressful. But the thought of other people packing my stuff seems scary. Any info you can share would be great!


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