Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Super Dog

Today the kids are being superheroes. Why should Lucy be left out of this fun? So the kids dressed her in a cape. Personally, I would have called her a super villain based on our long rivalry but naturally the kids see her as Super Dog.

Like all super heroes, Lucy has super powers. The super wag is the tail that wags at the speed of sound, destroying all in its path. It moves so fast that it has never been photographed.

The super bark is the mind numbing sound that melts the brain of everyone within a quarter mile. It takes about 10 minutes to be effective but Super Lucy has no problem with the persistence that this requires. The mind melting capacity becomes more effective with each subsequent application. With my many years of exposure, I'm down to my last three brain cells.

She also has a super jump that enables her to leap tall kitchen counters in a single bound. Pizza powers her super jump and she will leap higher, faster and better to attain even the smallest crumb. Trash is also a source of super strength and she will leave no trash can within her reach standing upright. She is merciless with trash cans.

Her krytponite includes baths and car rides. Car rides are particularly disabling, causing her to vomit her super power giving pizza and any other stomach contents. She does however seem incapable of losing her gaseous super powers which can clear a room of all enemies ... Or friends. In fact, exposure to her kryptonite baths and kryptonite car rides increases her Super Gas.

She is quite stealthy, disguising herself as a slug or rug until enemy food is smelled and requires her destruction. She has perfected the martial art of stepping into the path of anyone carrying food thus causing them to trip and spill her superpower pizza slices.

Her greatest superpower is the ability to be loved and to give love unconditionally. No matter how many times she steals their food the kids can't stop loving her.

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Rachel @ MyWholesomeHome said...

Wow, your superdog sounds incredibly similar to my superdog! Maybe it's a species thing?


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